Re: Widget mask out clicks

On Thursday 04 January 2007 16:55, johnmb wrote:
> Thanks Chris,
>     I tried your statement as follows :-
>     m_TreeView = new Gtk::TreeView();
>     m_TreeView->set_events (m_TreeView->get_events() &
>     As you can see, I can't perform set_events any earlier than this as
> m_TreeView is created by the immediately       preceeding instruction;
> however, it still allows mouse clicks through.
>    Is Gdk::BUTTON_PRESS_MASK the correct bit mask to use ?

I couldn't offer an opinion - I do not know what you are trying to do (or stop 
happening).  Try unsetting Gdk::BUTTON_RELEASE_MASK also.

If you are interesting in pointer motion, there are motion events/masks also.  
There are also button motion masks, which receive pointer motion events when 
a button is pressed.


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