Re: Testing Gstmm Element seeking

José Alburquerque wrote:
José Alburquerque wrote:
Murray Cumming wrote:
I think we'll need to have an extra PKG_CONFIG check for examples cflags and libs, and maybe add a --disable-examples configure option. gtkmm has
a --disable-examples option already.

The const references seem odd here:

+  _WRAP_METHOD(bool seek(Format format, SeekFlags flags, const gint64&
position), gst_element_seek_simple)
   _WRAP_METHOD(bool seek(const double& rate, Format format, SeekFlags
flags, SeekType current_type, const gint64& current_position, SeekType
stop_type, const gint64& stop_position), gst_element_seek)

I don't see the point of passing a const refererence when it could just
be passed by value. Could you change that, please?

Sure. I'll also look into the PKG_CONFIG and "--disable-examples" options.


I've fixed the references. I also added initial "GstEvent" wrapping (that I had started yesterday). I'm still not sure how to include PKG_CONFIG options for the new example and where to enable the --disable-examples options. Would you help me out a little. Thanks.

Never mind the request for a little help. I'm looking at the automake docs and I think I've almost got this working also. I'll send a final diff as soon as I have this going. Thanks.


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