Re: Help with ScrollWindow + TreeView


I think you're looking for this function:

After you select the row in your code, you can call scroll_to_row on
your TreeView and it should scroll the containing window so the row is
visible. There's an overload so you can position the row in the window
as well.

Paul Davis

On 8/27/07, Daniel Tiziani <dtiziani gmail com> wrote:
> Hi there, I'm desperate for help, tried finding in google, but couldn't find
> any solutions.
> I have a scrollwindow with a treeview inside. If I focus a row trough the
> keyboard, the scrollwindow scrolls nicely. But if I select the row by code
> (TreeSelection -> select(row)) the scrollwindow doesn't update it's
> vscrollbar in order to reflect the position in treeview.
> Anyone got a solution for that? I'm starting with gtkmm, and I think may be
> something with connect, signals, but couldn't find an example to solve my
> problem.
> Thanks in advance.
> Daniel
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