Re: CellRendererCombo example

Murray Cumming wrote:

Yes, and you can tell the CellRendererCombo what column is the string
column by setting the text_column property:
I tried that in the test example you did send to me (that otherwise worked just nicely), but got this error :

Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_combo_box_entry_new_with_model: assertion `text_column < gtk_tree_model_get_n_columns (model)' failed

when setting :

  pRenderer->property_text_column() = 1;

Or am i missing something ?

To have multiple "columns" of data in the CellRenderCombo's drop-down
list, you have to do some extra magic in the editing_started signal
handler, so you can use pack_start() to add another CellRenderer into
the underlying ComboBox.
And the signal_edited on CellRendererCombo, still just carries a string and not an integer.

But I can live with that for now, I have a few more issues to worry about.

Thanks for your help.


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