Re: DLLs in c:\windows\system32

On 7/10/06, Paul Breeuwsma <gtkmm paulinternet nl> wrote:
[snip long DLL problem description]

I had a similar problem when doing the Win32 port of SharpConstruct
( In my
case there was a wrong version of iconv.dll in c:\windows\system32,
placed there by some other program, I don't remember which one.

Since I already had an installer for Sharpconstruct, I just added a
few commands to copy iconv.dll, intl.dll, xmlparse.dll, xmltok.dll
from the GTK installation dir to the application dir during
installation (These four are the most notorious ones that I found, but
there could be others).

This works because the application directory is always searched first
when Windows looks for DLLs. More precisely, the directory in which an
executable is located is searched first for DLLs that this executable
requests. Since you say in your case it's libatk, you might need to
copy most, if not all of the gtk DLLs to your application directory.

I'm sorry, but I don't know any other way. You would need a simple
installer for this, I don't think a simple .bat file would be able to
pull this off.

(defun f(p x)(If(Eq x nil)nil(If(p(Car x))(Cons(Car x)(f p(Cdr x)))(f p
(Cdr x)))))(defun q(x)(Q nil x))(defun Q(a x)(If(Eq x nil)a(Q(Cons(Car
x)(Q a(f(Lt(Car x))(Cdr x))))(f(Gt(Car x))(Cdr x)))))

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