Re: Visual C++ express 2005

Hello Mickael!

>  After searching a while, i saw that there is property sheet for visual which
> configure your project settings but I can't compile. I've got lots of warning
> and error....
Error messages please

>  Any idea?
I am not Harry Potter. I need informations

> 2006/8/10, Marko Anastasov <marko marko anastasov name>:
>     > >  I'm currently trying to use Visual C++ express 2005 with gtkmm but i
>     canno't
>     > > succed to compile a simple "helloworld program". So, i would like to
>     know if
>     > > someone has already create a simple project and how he did it? If
>     you've got
>     > > it, please send it me ;-)
>     > I also want to know how i can get both work together
>     >
>     I got inspired yesterday about checking out the first time
>     how cross-platform programs are supposed to be done. I installed
>     VC++ express, then I read that win32 development is not "supported" by
>     default (although I could compile and run a simple C++ hello world?),
>     so I downloaded another 400+ MB of that platform sdk, installed it,
>     downloaded gtkmm-dev-*.exe, it brought the gtk runtime. Then I saw
>     that the gtk runtime installer was trying to detect and integrate
>     itself (?) with "MSVS" and "MSVC" (and mingw and cygwin). However,
>     it did not detect my VC++. I was tired already anyway and left it
>     for another time.
>     After some searching through MARC I saw that there are people who
>     got it working (Cedric?), but AFAIK there is no published
>     explanation of what needs to be done (and why). The instructions
>     in the gtkmm book for mingw/dev-c++ are fine, but I believe that it
>     is time to have the same for VC++.
>     I propose that someone starts a page on the gtkmm wiki with what he has,
>     and others (I'll be one of course) can follow up. When it becomes good
>     enough, we can move it to the gtkmm book.

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