Re: Visual C++ express 2005

I've joined librairies to projet and then i still got warning but i can execute it. But it didn't succeed to lauch because it don't find "MSVCR80.dll" so i canno't run the simple test program.

to be continued....

2006/8/10, Mickael Drean <mickael drean gmail com>:

 After searching a while, i saw that there is property sheet for visual which configure your project settings but I can't compile. I've got lots of warning and error....

 Any idea?

2006/8/10, Marko Anastasov <marko marko anastasov name >:
On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 21:23 +0100, Michael Ott wrote:
> Hello Mickael!
> >  I'm currently trying to use Visual C++ express 2005 with gtkmm but i canno't
> > succed to compile a simple "helloworld program". So, i would like to know if
> > someone has already create a simple project and how he did it? If you've got
> > it, please send it me ;-)
> I also want to know how i can get both work together

I got inspired yesterday about checking out the first time
how cross-platform programs are supposed to be done. I installed
VC++ express, then I read that win32 development is not "supported" by
default (although I could compile and run a simple C++ hello world?),
so I downloaded another 400+ MB of that platform sdk, installed it,
downloaded gtkmm-dev-*.exe, it brought the gtk runtime. Then I saw
that the gtk runtime installer was trying to detect and integrate
itself (?) with "MSVS" and "MSVC" (and mingw and cygwin). However,
it did not detect my VC++. I was tired already anyway and left it
for another time.

After some searching through MARC I saw that there are people who
got it working (Cedric?), but AFAIK there is no published
explanation of what needs to be done (and why). The instructions
in the gtkmm book for mingw/dev-c++ are fine, but I believe that it
is time to have the same for VC++.

I propose that someone starts a page on the gtkmm wiki with what he has,
and others (I'll be one of course) can follow up. When it becomes good
enough, we can move it to the gtkmm book.


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