Re: New GTK+ classes to wrap

У сре, 05. 04 2006. у 13:02 +0200, Armin Burgmeier пише:

> If I got it correctly, there are some widgets that implement the
> GtkRecentChooser interface (GtkRecentChooserDefault,
> GtkRecentChooserDialog, GtkRecentChooserMenu and
> GtkRecentChooserWidget). Other classes are GtkRecentFilter,
> GtkRecentManager and GtkCellRendererSpin.
> So one of us wraps that GtkRecentChooser stuff and the other one the
> rest? GtkRecentChooser however depends on GtkRecentFilter and
> GtkRecentManager. I wonder whether it is possible to keep them separate,
> maybe using an empty dummy class.
> Since I am going to begin Tuesday or Wednesday next week (due to those
> exams I mentioned), I would propose that you do GtkRecentFilter,
> GtkRecentManager and GtkCellRendererSpin. Perhaps you have got already
> something working until then, so I could use it to wrap GtkRecentChooser
> - - no need for a dummy class then.

Ok, I'll begin with GtkRecentFilter and GtkRecentManager.

Btw I found a page on gnomelive (the gtk-dev point of view): .


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