Re: Update progress bar without returning to main loop?

Foster Gareth wrote:

At least it behaves this way using the Gnome desktop on the Suse 9.3 flavor of linux.

Mine is running here on MinGW/win32 - the result is almost as ugly :)
I'm testing with GNOME 2.2 on a Linux box, and I'm not able to close the window while the job is active, at least not on my own application (haven't tried your example code yet.)

The way I interpret what Bob said, the ability to close the window is retained on his setup, but he has to confirm the operation via a dialog. I actually think that sounds excellent. I mean, I don't really want to disable exit completely when a slow job is active, but I do want to add user confirmation for it.

Also note that if I replace




I get a nice update of the entire window - just as I thought. This may slow down the operation too much if it is done often, however.

- Toralf

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