Re: gtk_ctree wrappers

On 9/14/05, Ramashish Baranwal <ramashish lists gmail com> wrote:
> Ooops.. I didn't know that GtkCTree has been deprecated. Actually, I
> am implementing a widget that can show directory hierarchy (similar to
> windows explorer), e.g.
>  +-dir1
>  |
>  --dir2
>  |   |-----dir21
>  |   |-----dir22
>  |            |------dir221
>  |            |----+dir222
>  |
>  +-dir3
> and was looking for a suitable base for it and happen to come across
> MPlayer GUI code for its playlist which is quite similar. Digging
> inside, I saw it is done through GtkCTree (the reason for my OP). I
> have looked at Gtk::TreeView and some related classes but ain't able
> to figure out how to do it. Is it possible to do it using
> Gtk::TreeView?
> Thanks
> Ramashish

Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that treeview is for.  Have you
looked at the tutorial for TreeView or just the API documentation.  If
not, I'd suggest reading through the tutorial first:

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