Re: 4 numbers on 2 different rows, in a single tree cell

Nickolai Dobrynin wrote:


Thanks for your response.  I guess, the main question I have with respect
to the suggestions you made is if there is any way to pack a Gtk::Table
into a tree cell.  Or, in the second case, if there is a way of packing
a VBox into a cell.  Is this even doable?

I've seen people doing all sorts of impossible things with cell renderers,
but I'm not certain if the two things above are accomplishable.  What do
you think?



On Mon, Jul 18, 2005 at 05:33:59AM -0500, Bob Caryl wrote:
Hello Nickolai,

Have you tried creating a two column, two row Gtk::Table and attaching four Gtk::Labels each containing one of the four numbers with the Gtk::Label alignments set to achieve the "four - cornered" look you seek; and then packing the Gtk::Table into the tree row cell?

Another idea would be a Gtk::VBox containing two Gtk::HBoxs each of which containing two Gtk::Labels, with the alignments set to achieve the four - cornered effect; finally packing the Gtk::VBox into the cell itself.

I don't know if either of these ideas would work, since I have not tried them myself.

Bob Caryl

Like you, I have also seen lots of things done with cell renderers; but as I said before, I have not tried either of my ideas hence I don't know if they will work. It would seem to be easier to try it than to derive a custom renderer.


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