Re: custom widget example

Hi again

> > Thanks alot. It does work a bit better now. Have you
> tried
> > resizing it though? It shoots back to the minimum
> required
> > size or something.
> Resizing works fine here, but i have made some more
> changes now so maybe i have accidently fixed that
> somehow.

For what I want, I can just basically hack out the code he
has. Then resizing basically just leaves my widget the same
size. So it would just be:

void MyWidget::on_size_allocate(Gtk::Allocation&
  //Use the offered allocation for this container:

I don't know if this is what u did, but it's actually what
I want. Looking at the old code, I can sorta see what the
problem was, tried to fix it so that the actual widget
would stretch etc., but didn't quite work!

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