In-depth resources on the Gtk::DrawingArea widget?


In my current project, I need to do some graph drawing of nodes from a knowledge base and, therefore, I intend to and will certainly need to become familiar with the DrawingArea widget. Is there any comprehensive tutorial available on the Web? The examples in the on-line book do help, but it would be nice to have more material.

By the way, since I couldn't get any responses on my previous thread about the DrawingArea widget [1], I decided to experiment. The problem I was having was that the /on_realize/ overriden method I defined in my derived class was *not getting called*. So, I decided to move the Gdk-related initialization code that would go in that method to the constructor, in spite of that being suggested as impractical in the on-line book. Guess what, it all worked fine. The GC was created successfully and I was able to use it in the /on_expose_event/ method. Has the libray implementation/organization changed so that it is now possible to do that or have I just benefited from a casuality?

[1] news://$rs1$1 sea gmane org

Thank you,

Ney André de Mello Zunino

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