Re: Question regarding pc files in win32 gtkmm binary distribution...

Hi Douglas,

R. Douglas Barbieri wrote:
> Cedric Gustin wrote:
> "As a side note, you can find win32 binaries of gtkmm at
> Great! Thanks Cedric.
> I have a question, though. When I download the gtkmm 2.8 version and
> install it, pkg-config reports paths beginning with "/target" instead
> of my MinGW path (C:/MinGW). I wrote a script to basically "sed" the
> proper path, but is there a better way? Maybe I'm not understanding
> something about the distro?

1. If you used the same installation directory for GTK+ (which contains
pkg-config.exe) and for gtkmm, there is nothing to change. pkg-config
will automatically change /target into this root directory when you call
'pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkmm-2.4'

2. If you used two different directories, one solution is to set the
PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable (Control
Panel/System/Advanced/environment variables) to
%gtkmm_root_dir%\lib\pkgconfig where %gtkmm_root_dir% is the root of
your gtkmm installation.

See the pkg-config manual for details.

Anyway, if you use the gladewin32 installer for GTK+, simply install
gtkmm in the same directory (default: C:\GTK) and everything will be
taken care of. The two installers (GTK+ and gtkmm) are fully compatible.


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