Re: Pango::Layout text within Gtk::Entry

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the fast reply,

What you suggest is actually what I am doing. I have derived my own class from Gtk::Entry and implemented the on_grab_focus() method. What I want to do is, poping up a dialog box, whenever the user clicks on Entry field. This dialog box will supply min,max,default values for the user and let him/her
choose one of the three value or enter a valid one within the limits.

Your solution, which I have tried before hand, works but in a strange way. When you first click the Entry and set a value, markup doesnt work but whenever you try it second time it works. I guess this ambiguity is due on_grab_focus() method. If it is, can you suggest me another way to handle the on_click event within the Entry. Below is a more detailed snap of my code .

void ventry::on_grab_focus(void){
       case VE_INTEGER:
           this->input_verify=new integer_iv(this->copy_instance);
           delete this->input_verify;
       case VE_FLOAT:

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.

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