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Erdem Gokhan YILMAZ wrote:


I have been looking around for a solution to my problem of ,
Displaying a text which has markup on it (Pango::Layout::set_markup) within Gtk::Entry()
but couldnt find one.

I have tried the following within a -----> class ventry:public Gtk::Entry()

which doesn't work :( but the same logic and the same markup works quite well for a Gtk::Label()

Gtk::Label *x=new Gtk::Label();
x->set_markup(markup); ...

 I will appreciate any working C++ example or an idea :)
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Erdem,

I think your problem in trying to use set_markup for a Gtk::Entry in a way analogous to how it is used in Gtk::Label is that the label text is static compared to that Gtk::Entry text. So, to use the Gtk::Pango::Layout::set_markup function for Gtk::Entry text requires that you do it in a dynamic way. Using Gtk::PangoLayout::set_markup works for me this way:

Gtk::Entry *entry = manage(new Gtk::Entry);
entry->signal_key_release_event().connect(sigc::mem_fun(*this,&Test::my_callback_function)); // connect a callback function to dynamically get access to the Gtk::Entry text

The callback function looks something like this:

void Test::my_callback_function(void)
Glib::ustring str = "<big>"; // these lines create a marked up version of the text in the Gtk::Entry
   str += entry->get_text();
   str += "</big>";
entry->get_layout()->set_markup(str); // dynamically replace the Gtk::Entry text with the marked up version

Then the text in the entry appears as <big> after each time a character is typed in by the user. This method is rather clunky though.. I would recommend using Gtk::Pango::Layout::set_attributes instead.

Best regards,
Bob Caryl

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