Re: connecting a callback to a boolean value

unfortunately no widget causes the boolean to change its value. Indeed it is gnet_udp_socket_has_packet return value.

Any idea about how this function may call a callback when changing value?

John Taber wrote:

Well, without knowing exactly what you are trying to do, my suggestion is to go back to what is changing the bool variable - is it a button, a screen close, table update, etc and tie a callback to that, then in your callback, if (bool == true) {........}

On Saturday 16 April 2005 12:35, tc6 wrote:

I'm trying to connect a callback function to a boolean value, ie the
callback has to be called each time a variable equals true...
It would be really helpful if someone has some code example... I spend a
lot of time tring to use add_watch() with giochannel (or
Glib::iochannel) from an udp socket of gnet library (if someone manages
to do something with it, i'm really interested). So I decided to use :
"gboolean gnet_udp_socket_has_packet
(...)" with gtkmm signal handling ...

Any other solutions are welcome

thank you in advance

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