RE: Re: Displaying simple HTML in gtkmm app (got it!)

OK, so I got it working now.  It's pretty much a hack job, but it'll get me
by for now.

I've declared a class gtkhtml, which is a sub class of Gtk::ScrolledWindow.

In this code module, I just include the simple.c source code file like so:
extern "C"
#	include "simple.c"

And make sure to either remove or commnet out the int main( int argc, char**
argv) code

Below is the class' CTOR:

gtkhtml::gtkhtml( void )
	:	ScrolledWindow()
	// Set properties
	g_object_set( G_OBJECT( gtk_html_context_get () ), "debug_painting",

	// Create the document
	document = html_document_new();

	g_signal_connect( G_OBJECT( document ), "request_url",	G_CALLBACK(
url_requested ),	NULL );
	g_signal_connect( G_OBJECT( document ), "link_clicked",	G_CALLBACK(
link_clicked ),		NULL );

	// And the view
	view = html_view_new();
	html_view_set_document( HTML_VIEW( view ), document );

	g_signal_connect( G_OBJECT( view ), "request_object",	G_CALLBACK(
request_object ),	NULL );

	// ScrolledWindow that's hosting is already created.

	// Now wrap and add the Gtkhtml widget to the ScrolledWindow
	Gtk::Widget*  	GtkmmView = Glib::wrap( view );

	add( *GtkmmView );

And finally, is the LoadFile method, where you can load a file from local
disk and display it in the ScrolledWindow.

void gtkhtml::LoadFile(	char* Filename )
	load_file( Filename );

The only other thing is that I had to hack the
/usr/include/gtkhtml-2.0/libgtkhtml/css/cssstylesheet.h header file, 'cause
the structure below had a field called 'class', which g++ didn't like, so I
renamed it '_class':

struct _CssTail {
	CssTailType type;

	union {
		struct {
			HtmlAtom att;
			CssAttrMatch match;
			CssAttrVal val;
		} attr_sel;
		struct {
			HtmlAtom id;
		} id_sel;
		struct {
			HtmlAtom _class;
		} class_sel;
		struct {
			HtmlAtom name;
		} pseudo_sel;
	} t;

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