No way of removing elements from a ComboBox?


since the ComboBox classes don't define any function for clearing them or removing single elements, I searched on the web, and found this post:

We should add a method for this to GtkComboBoxText in gtkmm 2.5/2.6, so
that this is not necessary. I think I already added a TODO to the .hg

But you don't _need_ this now. Remember that GtkComboBoxText is just a
convenience class, so that you don't need to define the GtkTreeModel and
assign a model column to a cell renderer. Likewise, functions such as
gtk_combo_box_remove_text() are just convenience functions.

I am adding entries to a combobox quite often in my program. Does that means there is no limit on how many entries can be added? How is this handled? Can it "overflow" or so?

Matthias Kaeppler

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