Re: [gtkmm] gtkmm-2.4 on MSVC

Timothy M. Shead wrote:

I pulled the mico source and looked into win32def, but I don't think it's doing what you think - it's generating a def file based on the publicly-exported symbols in an existing DLL. In our case, we need to specify what those symbols should be, which is where dllexport/dllimport come in.

No, win32def does precisely take care of generating a def file with all symbols exported to the DLL. No need for dllexport/dllimport stuff.

Actually, the mico project recently switched from win32def to a new tool called gendef. For an example, either try to compile mico (nmake -f Makefile.win32) or grab this simple example I created yesterday.

In the MSVC solution file, you'll find three projects. gendef creates the gendef executable, build_dll builds a simple dll, exporting the symbols with gendef (see the prelink rule in the project properties), and test_dll uses this dll in a simple example.


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