Re: IDE for gtkmm

B.Hakvoort wrote:

Isn't Scaffold created by Anjuta's author ?
Nope, and now Scaffold is dead.

Anyway, after a long time of Anjuta-misery i decided to stick with an
editor (ANY editor) and a console to type make :)

Works great for me,

From what I've seed in Anjuta's Changelog and mailing list there is
some activity towards a 2.0

If you want the best IDE I've seen under Linux go to It's a commercial
product, but it is a professional IDE:
- You can choose the binding you are accustomed with: Visual C++, Vi,
- Various source control systems.
- Code completion that works!
- JavaDoc support, and because gtkmm is documented with JavaDoc like
statements you have
additional info at code completion.

The drawbacks are:
- It's not open source, it costs some money.
- It uses a motif rendering engine, it's ugly compared with the rest of
the desktop.
- You cannot use `pkg-config --cinfo or --libs` with it's projects or
makefiles, it has support for external
maintained makefiles though.


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