RE: IDE for gtkmm

The last thing I saw that looked remotely promising was Scaffold, Anjuta is
woeful imho. 

If you ask me, there ought to be a concerted effort to get Scaffold back on
the road again from the community, before the code it has (had?) in common
with MonoDevelop (autotools management and maybe more afaik) is lost (i.e
ported to C#). I suppose an IDE for C and C++ written in C# is possible, but
it wouldn't feel right would it? I thought having code in common with
MonoDevelop would be a great opertunity, since Novell will likely put a fair
amount of man power into the project.

Something like the gnome-love effort ought to do the job, some sort of
campaign to motivate developers and attract them to the project. An IDE
should surely be seen as a vital piece of the Gnome developer platform?

I know, I know, why don't I go and do it  :)

That's my 2 pence anyway. Sorry in advance if I've gotten any facts wrong



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can anybody recomend me which IDE  to use ?

I'm OK  with  glade/libglade  based  UI.

I  tried  Anjuta , but code completion doesn't work.
I can't figure out why are sme methods available and some not.

I tried eclipse3  with CDT 2.0.2 , I expected
that i can enter `pkg-config gtkmm-2.0 --cflags` somewhere in
Project->properties->C/C++ build  -> Directories incude (-I) :

Anyway, *P L E A S E*  I need solution better than gedit & running make 
in shell.

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