Re: [gtkmm] API documentation: still aiming for 100%

Murray Cumming wrote:
On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 09:35, Matthew Walton wrote:

I've found a few things in the docs I can have a go at - there's a lot of stuff in GDK, but I don't feel I understand it well enough to have a go at that yet.

If you don't do anything, please at least mention it in a bugzilla bug,
with specific information.

Will do.

gtkmm offers plenty of work though. One thing I would like to know though, if we need to override the automatic documentation for a method (I'm thinking specifically of Gtk::Dialog::add_button here, among others, because the docs don't cope with the overloaded version) can we just put a Doxygen block in the hg file or does it require magic elsewhere?

I think it's best to copy/paste/change the docs from gtk_docs.xml (the C
docs) to gtk_docs_override.xml.

I think you can also override the generated documentation by putting
doxygen comments into either the .hg or .ccg file (I forget. It uses an
obscure doxygen feature), but I would prefer to keep it centralised in gtk_docs_override.xml for now.

Okay, I'll do that.



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