Re: [gtkmm] API documentation: still aiming for 100%

Matthew Walton <matthew alledora co uk> writes:

> I've found a few things in the docs I can have a go at - there's a lot
> of stuff in GDK, but I don't feel I understand it well enough to have
> a go at that yet. gtkmm offers plenty of work though. One thing I
> would like to know though, if we need to override the automatic
> documentation for a method (I'm thinking specifically of
> Gtk::Dialog::add_button here, among others, because the docs don't
> cope with the overloaded version) can we just put a Doxygen block in
> the hg file or does it require magic elsewhere?

Yes, the doxygen comment block at the top of the declarations are all
you need.  Just mention what sections you're working on to be sure
noone else is working on the same thing. 

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