[gtkmm] ANNOUNCE: updated gtkmm installer for win32

I have uploaded an updated installer for gtkmm on win32 (mingw).


or http://www.pcpm.ucl.ac.be/~gustin/win32_ports/ for more details on my win32 port.

This installer has many new features, among others:

1. Automatic uninstallation of a previous 2.4.x version, when required.
2. Detection of the GTK+ 2.4 developer package from the gladewin32 project, automatic download and installation if not present. 3. The default installation directory is the same as the GTK+ distribution (no more Program Files\Common Files\gtkmm\2.4 'weirdness' anymore) 4. The installer can add the gtkmm runtime directory (actually, the bin subdir) to the system PATH
5. The gtkmm demo is included.

Soon, I plan to add :

1. User rights detection: install for "All Users" or "Only for me"
2. A real, small size web installer that only downloads the requested packages.
3. Automatic updates.

Please test.


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