Re: add_ui and add_ui_separator don't work!

> Ok, I've tried just about everything to verify that add_ui and
> add_ui_separator are working. I must be doing something really wrong
> (stupid) or they just don't work! I provided an example in my earlier
> post "adding ui elements". I've played around with the
> and have gotten the add_ui_from_string(), add_ui_from_file(), and
> remove_ui(), new_merge_id(), get_ui() and ensure_update() to work with
> as advertised. I'm stuck in my port from the standard menubar/toolbar to
> uimanager until someone can give me a clue! I'm trying to implement a
> file history on my file menu, thus requiring the add_ui and
> add_ui_separator capabilities. (gtkmm 2.4.5, gtk 2.4.10)

If you don't make any progress then a simple test case might help us to
help you. It would also be helpful if you can find/make an example of this
in C.

However, you might prefer to use UI merging instead, with placeholders. I
do this in Bakery, for instance.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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