Re: custom_widget example not working

>> I found several postings about custom widgets. The examples of working
>> widgets
>> did not derive from Gtk::Widget but from a non abstract widget (e.g.
>> Gtk::DrawingArea).
>For me, GtkLabel is a "custom" widget. It derives almost directly from
>Gtk::Widget. I am probably just missing some minor thing to make the
>example work.
>I'm not sure exactly what DrawingArea is for. Maybe it makes some things
>easier. However, it is not used to implement the standard GTK+ widgets.

Gtk::EventBox would be a much better starting point for a drawing
widget. It doesn't actually draw anything, but unlike Gtk::Widget, it
is guaranteed to have its own drawable (i.e. window). The canvas uses
a Layout as a parent, and draws on its window, IIRC.


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