Re: [gtkmm] Changes to gtkmm for gtk+2.5 and gnome-2.8

> Hey all,
> 	How are we going to handle gtkmm for gtk+-2.5?  GNOME 2.8 isn't going
> to include 2.5, but it will include pango-1.6.  Are we going to branch
> gtkmm for 2.5, or are we going to wait until it is adopted for the next
> GNOME release?

No, there is no reason to wait. I would branch gtkmm as soon as we have
some change that does not belong in gtkmm 2.4. I have not had time to wrap
any of the new stuff yet, but feel free to work on that.

>  Also, how are we going to handle the pango upgrade for
> GNOME 2.8?  Thanks in advance.

I don't think there are major pango additions, and nobody is crying out
for them now, so I think that can probably just be done as part of gtkmm
2.5/2.6. Unlike GTK+, pangomm is part of gtkmm, so we can't do independent

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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