Re: [gtkmm] compilation problem with glade-2.

For what it's worth, I figured out what the problem was.

When starting a project wich builds on top of an old one, BOTH files and MyProj.gladep must be copied to a new directory, as and MyNewProj.gladep, respectively.

The reason is that upon creation from scratch of a new glade-2 project
(such as, a pop-up dialog asks the user to choose either
GTK+ or GNOME. Selecting GTK+ puts the line


in the .gladep file.

Things are different if we run


in the absence of the appropriate MyNewProj.gladep. Glade-2 will create a
MyNewProj.gladep, in which the name, program name and language options can
be set from the "Options" button, but the gnome_support line is missing

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