[gtkmm] gtkmm2.x on debian

Hi Everyone,

   Sometime back I was advised to discontinue my use of gtkmm-1.2 and
head over to the 2.x series. I did not follow this advice, however,
because gtkmm-2.x is not in the stable tree of Debian.  Someone wrote
back that gtkmm-2.x libraries and development files are available for

    Recently, I've discovered that many of the development-minded
people associated with the Debian project regularly use testing and
unstable packages and, apparently, this is the norm. Further, the
person who originally mentioned the gtkmm-2.x series in Debian is
available made a reference to the next Debian release, Sarge, saying
that gtkmm-2.x will most likely be part of that major version of

    So, what is the best course I should take to add gtkmm-2.x onto my
stable Debian Woody system?

    Thank you,


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