Re: [gtkmm] Release : gtkmm-2.2.1 for win32

At 04:35 PM 3/17/2003 -0600, Alexander Yukhimets wrote:
1) It is not possible to uncheck the instllation of development
packages. Even more, I would suggest to have them (and documentation
with examples) to be unchecked by default: developers would know what
they want to install anyway, whereas end-users would be able to install just
the runtime simply by accepting defaults. To follow this logic, a separate
installers for runtime and development packages would be even better
because that would reduce the download time for users who wishes just
to install the runtime to make some application work.

It's actually a feature I added to this version of the installer. Usually, when you want the developer package, you also want the runtime environment to test your program ! And yes, I could split the installer into two parts, one for the runtime and the second for the developer packages. But then, should I have a third one for the documentation and a fourth for the gtkmm demo ? I know bandwidth is precious for some of you on modem access, but then you can always download the individual files (tar.gz). I was planning anyway to split gtkmm-2.2.x-mingw32.tar.gz into three parts : runtime, developer and documentation.

2) Even though I selected c:/gtk as my installation directory,
the runtime packages were still unpacked in c:/Program\ files/Common...
I find it convenient to install both gtk+ and gtkmm under c:/gtk
this way only c:/gtk/bin needs to be added to the path.
(Actually, c:/gtk/lib too at the moment but I will try to convince
 Todd Kulesza to move dlls to bin/ - this is actually the default for
 latest cygwin libtool)

I hate the old windows way of installing your files anywhere you want, that's why the installer requires admin rights. Runtime environment belongs to Common Files and packages/programs to Program Files. Writing to the registry should be done by admin people only. If you don't like it or want to install gtkmm as a limited user, then I would strongly recommend you to use the tar.gz files.

Except of course if I get tons of emails from people complaining about this...


P.S. : I have had too many problems related to admin rights/write access/All Users start menu on WinXP Pro that now I'm very conservative about this security and standard directories stuff.

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