RE: [gtkmm] Problems with TreeView on Windows

> From: Cedric Gustin [mailto:cedric gustin swing be] 
> At 09:38 AM 6/12/2003 +0200, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > > > > Yes, the problem is still there with gcc-3.2.3 on win32
> > > > > (mingw).
> > > >
> > > >My question was more "Is/Was it there with gcc 3.2.2?"
> > >
> > > Don't know. The mingw team never (to my knowledge) released
> > > 3.2.2 on win32.
> > > The standard mingw distribution includes gcc-3.2.0. An
> > > upgrade to gcc-3.2.3
> > > was recently uploaded on their site. That's the one I'm
> > > currently using.
> >
> >OK, then please rephrase my question to
> >"Is/Was it there with gcc 3.2.earlier?"
> >
> >Maybe someone has tried it and can answer.
> This treeview bug with pixbufs and boolean fields has been 
> there for a long 
> time on win32. It was there with gcc-3.2.0, at least on my 
> win32 machine.

Maybe it's time that someone wrote a compiler check for it. I'm sorry that
my time is so limited, but I can review patches.

> Digging in the old patches I submitted for win32 support, I found this
> Line 96 is commented out on WIN32. I remember I did it because the stock 
> icon was not displayed in the treeview and I was getting a lot of
> That was a pre gtkmm-2.2 patch !!! At the time, nobody really cared about 
> win32 support, I was not using TreeViews in my app,  and I had no time to 
> really track the bug, so I just commented out the line.

It does not seem certain that that is the same bug, but yes, it would be
nice to investigate it too.

> I guess it's time to fix this long-standing bug. But first it would be 
> interesting to know if we get the same exact problem on debian.

We already have that simple test case for gcc 3.3.0. It would make sense to
at least just try it on win32 and report it if it's a bug there.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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