Re: [gtkmm] A new bug???

I was playing with the "advanced" example of dnd. I left it to go look
up some stuff on the mailing list archive via mozilla, and while not
donig anything but reading, the little page icon that moves along with
your mouse point just appeared and followed a short path and then
disappeared. It appears your weird bug really is a bug. Who knows if
it's with gtkmm or gtk+, also, it manifests itself many minutes after
using the dnd.

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 16:21, Al Gelders wrote:
> OK, first off, I'm a gtkmm newbie.  Second, I'm not expecting any
> answers.  But...
> I'm trying to get up to speed with gtkmm and it's interaction under
> gnome on RH8.0.  I was playing with the dnd example included in package
> gtkmm-2.2.0.  I made a couple of links to the executable in the .libs
> subdirectory, placing them on my desktop and had substituted a butterfly
> icon on one of them (don't ask me why).  I tried drag and drop to
> various opened and unopened icons/programs on the desktop just to see what would
> happen.  All worked as expected, i.e. dropping on a running dnd behaved
> normally, dropping on anything else not expecting that item let the
> butterfly flutter back to the desktop icon.  So now I clean up, deleting
> all my extra links and at least trying kill all of the active dnd
> processes.
> I switched back to my workspace where I'm running emacs and mozilla. 
> And I'm working away and what should happen?  A butterfly comes flitting
> across my screen.  It happened twice so I wasn't imagining it. No, as
> far as I know there are no copies of dnd running. And no, I don't do
> drugs. For the record, it followed the same path (upper left to lower
> right) as seen the last time I was actually trying the app.
> Finally, after 30 years of programming I've seen my first true bug!!!
> Thankyou gtkmm/gnome development team, you've really made my day. And as
> soon as I stop laughing I'm going to get back to work. BTW, I am
> absolutely not complaining, the more I see of gtkmm and friends, the
> more I like it.
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