Re: [gtkmm] Any easy way to write a cell renderer with a combo box it it.

It is the answer for your call.
I wrote a small sample, based on, to demonstrate
the spin- and combo- cell renderers (check the fields
"Bug number" and "Severity"). 
There are still some trival things to do for a
complete interface, but it is fair 
enough for me. It is a shame that I do not know how to
use those "automatic" make tools. 
Thus, I include a "manual" makefile with the sources.
The program is tested with gtkmm-1.3.24.
I wish it would helpful.


--- Murray Cumming <murrayc t-online de> wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 09:35, ZHOU DX wrote:
> > Thanks for the hint. 
> > 
> > Finally I worked out my combo cell renderer after
> > studying the example codes. 
> > Since I wrap a combo directly and thus I do not
> have
> > to handle the popup issues, the codes are much
> simpler
> > than in the gtkmm example. 
> Then we would really like a patch.
> -- 
> Murray Cumming
> murray usa net

Have fun!

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