[gtkmm] TreeModelColumn associated with a TreeViewColumn ?

How do I retrieve the Gtk::TreeViewColumn associated with a Gtk::TreeModelColumn after the TreeViewColumn has already been created ?
Something like this:

Gtk::TreeModelColumn<bool> my_model_column1;
Gtk::TreeModelColumn<bool> my_model_column2;

//So then create 2 Gtk::TreeViewColumns by using
TreeView::append_column("Column1", my_model_column1);
TreeView::append_column("Column2", my_model_column2);

Later on in the code I receive a callback of some sort and I have a
void CallBack(TreeViewColumn *x)
I want to know if x is the TreeViewColumn I associated with my_model_column1 or my_model_column2 ? }
Thanks !

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