Re: [gtkmm] TreeModelColumn associated with a TreeViewColumn ?

Daniel Elstner wrote:
On Fre, 2003-01-10 at 00:22, Jarek Dukat wrote:
On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 22:38, Liza Klerck wrote:
How do I retrieve the Gtk::TreeViewColumn associated with a 
Gtk::TreeModelColumn after the TreeViewColumn has already been created ?
Liza, have you tried looking at Gtkmm TreeView docs? It is all there...

TreeViewColumn* TreeView::get_column (int n);
CellRenderer* TreeView::get_column_cell_renderer (int n);
Glib::ListHandle<TreeViewColumn*> TreeView::get_columns ();
And const versions of these methods of course.

Well, that's actually not what she wants. The int n denotes the view
column index, not the model column index.

Liza, I think it's a bad idea to try to retrieve the view column from
the model column. It breaks the model/view separation, and I can't
imagine a situation where it might be useful. Could you tell us what
your code is about? That would help to find an appropriate way to do


Ok here is an example of why I need to know which Gtk::TreeModelColumn is accociated with a specific Gtk::TreeViewColumn:

Let's say I have a treeview with 3 columns column_a, column_b and column_c;
I register for button_press_events in the TreeView so that when a user presses the mouse button in the column_b I want to call function do_column_b(row)
when he clicks in column_c I want to call function do_column_c(row)  

void do_column_b(Gtk::TreeModel::Row &row)
{   .....   }

void do_column_c(Gtk::TreeModel::Row &row)
{   .....  }

class ModelColumns : public Gtk::TreeModel::ColumnRecord
 ModelColumns()  {   add(m_col_a); add(m_col_b);    add(m_col_c);   add(m_col_visible);  }
 Gtk::TreeModelColumn<string> m_col_a;
 Gtk::TreeModelColumn<double> m_col_b;
 Gtk::TreeModelColumn<double> m_col_c;
 Gtk::TreeModelColumn<bool> m_col_visible;   };

ModelColumns m_Columns;
Gtk::TreeView m_TreeView;
Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TreeStore> m_refTreeModel;

m_refTreeModel = Gtk::TreeStore::create(m_Columns);

// Append the column
m_TreeView.append_column("A", m_Columns.m_col_a);
m_TreeView.append_column("B", m_Columns.m_col_b);
m_TreeView.append_column("C", m_Columns.m_col_c);

// I register to receive a callback for button press events in the treeview.
m_TreeView.signal_button_press_event().connect(  SigC::slot(*this, &ExampleWindow::on_m_TreeView_button_press), false );

bool  ExampleWindow::on_m_TreeView_button_press(GdkEventButton *eventbutton)
 Gtk::TreeModel::Path  path;
 Gtk::TreeViewColumn*  column;
 int cell_x;
 int cell_y;
  Gtk::TreeModel::Row row;

 // catch mouse button1 clicks
 switch (eventbutton->type)
     if ( eventbutton->button == 1)
         if (m_TreeView.get_path_at_pos(eventbutton->x, eventbutton->y,  path, column, cell_x, cell_y ))
            // Get the row number
            int row_num = *path.get_indices().begin();             
            row = *( m_refTreeModel->children[row_num - 1]);   

            // Get the column number
            int column_number = -1;
            while (column != treeView->get_column(column_number))

          // So at this point I have a Gtk::TreeViewColumn, and a column number and a row and a row number but programatically I still don't know
          // if the user clicked on [column b] or [column c] 
          // Thus I need to know which Gtk::TreeModelColumn was accociated with column  at creation time
          //  So something like this where "Column B" and "Column C" is the part I need
          if (column == "Column B")
          if (column == "Column C")
  return false;

I hope this example explains better what I am trying to do - I am still pretty new at Gtk2.
Thanks !

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