Re: [gtkmm] Is gtkmm for my compiler?

>I am using g++3.2, on a Debian Linux Intel machine. My question is, 
>that if I apt-get the gtkmm library, would I be able to compile 
>applications using the binary version of gtkmm apt-gotten.
>The reason for the question is that if the binary version of gtkmm 
>apt-gotten is not compatible with g++-3.2, it would not work with my 
>library, which is compiled with g++-3.2.

i thoroughly recommend that you only link your own C++ code with C++
libraries that you have compiled or where the person who compiled has
provided the exact compiler version and compile- and link-time flags
that they used. yes, its a bit unlikely that someone would compile a
package of gtkmm with --fno-exceptions, but unfortunately, you just
never know.


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