Re: [gtkmm] Is gtkmm for my compiler?

Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> writes:

> >I am using g++3.2, on a Debian Linux Intel machine. My question is, 
> >that if I apt-get the gtkmm library, would I be able to compile 
> >applications using the binary version of gtkmm apt-gotten.
> >The reason for the question is that if the binary version of gtkmm 
> >apt-gotten is not compatible with g++-3.2, it would not work with my 
> >library, which is compiled with g++-3.2.
> i thoroughly recommend that you only link your own C++ code with C++
> libraries that you have compiled or where the person who compiled has
> provided the exact compiler version and compile- and link-time flags
> that they used. yes, its a bit unlikely that someone would compile a
> package of gtkmm with --fno-exceptions, but unfortunately, you just
> never know.

I think Debian is different. If a package is b0rked like this, we will
bug the responsible package maintainer. One should be able to trust
that the libraries in Debian provide a viable development platform.

Of course, the situation is different if you just grab random packages
from the WWW. But you don't need to do that with Debian. The package
maintainers are responsible for fixing such bugs if they are

Ole Laursen

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