Re: [gtkmm] Is gtkmm for my compiler?

Maya <escalante canada com> writes:

> I am using g++3.2, on a Debian Linux Intel machine. My question is,
> that if I apt-get the gtkmm library, would I be able to compile
> applications using the binary version of gtkmm apt-gotten.
> The reason for the question is that if the binary version of gtkmm
> apt-gotten is not compatible with g++-3.2, it would not work with my
> library, which is compiled with g++-3.2.

If you're running unstable, Gtkmm 2.0 is compiled with g++-3.2.

But this is the wrong list. You should have asked on a Debian list,
e.g. debian-gtk-gnome. Or used the interface on

to locate the package and look at its dependencies.

Ole Laursen

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