[gtkmm] Getting Clist headers to do menu popup.


  What's the proper way to get a clist header to pop up a popup menu?

  I have a clist.  I connected a handler to it's headers with:
    clist->click_column.connect(bind(slot(&pop_menu), &menu_popup));
  When I click on a column header, it calls "pop_menu".  This is a
good thing.

  The problem is, I want pop_menu to pop up a popup menu when I click
the header.  Gtk::Menu->pop() requires the event->button and
event->time.  How do I get that information?

  Right now I'm faking it with:

    void pop_menu(gint which_column, Gtk::Menu* menu) {
      menu->popup(1, 0);

  This works, but probably isn't the best way to do it.

  I'm using Gtkmm 1.2.8. and before you say it:  This is attached
to an existing project which uses Gtkmm 1.2.8 and my boss isn't going
to pay to have both projects ported.  I'm stuck with 1.2.8.

				    Thanks for any help,

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