[gtkmm] Re: [We are wanting to contribute to GTKMM-2.0]

In general, please use the gtkmm-list gnome org mailing list instead of
emailing me directly. Also, gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org might be

I don't really understand what you are asking. If you want to release your
application or library as open source then I suggest you start a project on
sourceforge.net. It doesn't need to be part of gtkmm itself.

"Erik Ch. Ohrnberger" <Erik_Ohrnberger DME net> wrote:
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> Dear Murry,
>     I'm working for DME Company as the Senior Software Engineer, and in
> the course of my duties, I've written an on screen keyboard dialog using
> gtkmm-2.2 that I'd like to provide as means of contributing back to the
> Open Source movement.
>     My project manager understands about Open Source and the need to
> have companies that are using such code and resources to contribute back
> to the open source community.
>     We are developing an industrial application that has no keyboard but
> does has a touch screen as the source of user input.  In order to allow
> the user to enter information into the application we needed the
> on-screen keybaord, so I wrote one.
>     Presently there are no copyright banners or text in the code
> modules, nor are there any planned in the future.  I guess it could be
> considered as public domain, or just free, or whatever.
>     I have permission to provide to code to you no strings attached, if
> you want to.  It could be used as an example or it could be used as part
> of the Gnome accessibility features.
>     How do you think would be the most proper means to proceed to
> provide this as a contribution?
>    Thanks,
>         Erik.
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