Re: [gtkmm] the canvas

On Sat, 2003-02-08 at 21:39, Paul Davis wrote:
> i have previously recommended the canvas to many people both on this
> (gtkmm) list and on gtk-list. it is theoretically a wonderful widget
> that is indispensable when creating more sophisticated GUIs than can
> be handled by arrays of widgets statically arranged in a window.
> however, i found out from havoc on gtk-list last week that the Gnome2
> canvas has been rendered quite buggy by a set of changes made to it
> that fundamentally changed the internal implementation of many canvas
> item types. in fact, several significant GNOME projects that use the
> canvas no longer use GnomeCanvas at all, but a stripped down version
> called "foocanvas" that has all the anti-alias (read: client-side
> rendering) canvas support ripped out. 

Gergo Erdi has had similar problems. You should speak to him. Also, I
suggest that you try it out before declaring it useless. As I understand
it most of the problems with the canvas are problems that have been
there since the 1 version. Apparently the newer one is at least more

Feel free to wrap anything that needs to be wrapped, and/or suggest that
this foocanvas thing is spun off into a separate library.

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

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