Re: [gtkmm] glade/gtkmm interaction

Martin Schulze wrote:
Am 25.09.2002 21:55 schrieb(en) Sarah Leitner:
we are using gtkmm  We can't get it to work
with Glade. So, I would like to know, does Glade work
with the new Gtkmm or not?  If so, what could I be
doing wrong?

You should make sure that your glade-- version is at least 1.1.1a (CVS version preferred).

Please note that glade-- will no longer prefer gtkmm2 if called from glade-1, you have to insist on gtkmm2 via "--gtkmmversion 1.3.23" (a wrapper script might be fit if you want to dump gtkmm1 completely but not upgrade to glade-2). A glade-2 project on the other hand (try to use at least version 1.1.2) will prefer gtkmm2.

If you want glade to auto-generate parts of your code then you
should search for the project glademm (I don't know the URL).

cvs co glade--    (what else ;-) )
mailto:glademm-list gnome org

  Christof Petig

PS: The gettext support _may_ be broken. If your project has problems with gettext, disable it. Of course I accept patches to fix it ...

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