Re: [gtkmm] I've got a lot of segfaults in combination with Dialogs

Ok, i'll try to post some clear code


On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 16:15, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Bart Hakvoort wrote:
> > On the moment, i've got a few Dialogboxes in my app, but they segfault
> > *very* often. Is this due to the fact that gtkmm-1.3.23 is still
> > unstable? or am i doing something wrong?
> Hi, I'm also using gtkmm-1.3.23 and Gtk::Dialog without any problem.
> Post some of the code you are getting problems with if you want more help.
> Also, try to write a simple example that makes clear that Gtk::Dialog is 
> broken.
> see you.
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