Re: [gtkmm] Pango problem on win32

--- Cedric Gustin <cgustin ibelgique com> wrote:

> At 04:53 AM 11/17/2002 -0800, Jussi Pakkanen wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >I got a problem with the win32 version of gtkmm and
> >Pango. Using Cedric's binaries and mingw2 I managed
> to
> >compile and link my program on Windows. It even
> runs,
> >and shows a window, but no text. I also get the
> >following error message:
> Did you download all required gtk+-2.0 for win32
> files from 
>, extract them in a single
> directory and add both 
> the %root%/bin and %root%/lib directory to your PATH
> ? 

This worked. I now get text. But the downside is that
you can't distribute your program as a plain zip file.
You have to have an installer to set up the path
correctly after installation. 

I don't know anything about Windows installer coding
so I'd like to skip this step. Is there a way around
this? At least copying all dll's to the program
directory did not work.

> >Also launching the program is very slow and takes
> >enormous amounts of memory, easily 50-100 megs,
> >without actually doing anything. Opening more
> windows
> >makes the program gobble all available memory and
> >crash. The program runs without problems on Linux.
> The demo program from gtkmm-2.0.1/demos/gtk-demo
> uses 10Mb of memory on my 
> machine (with unstripped DLLs).

The gtk demo programs work fine for me too, but my
program does not. Whenever I launch a second window
the memory crash appears. The facts:

- gtk demo programs work on Windows
- my program works on Linux
- I have compiled both programs with the same switches

What could be causing this? Has anyone managed to
compile and run a complicated gtkmm2 program on Windows?

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