Re: [gtkmm] How do I stop a new Gtk::Window to receive the focus?

>>>better-but-less-robust: make the window modal
>Thanks, this works.. but the window decoration is still loosing its focus 
>now (I'm using Metacity)
>Is there a way to prevent that from happening?

not that i know of. but i haven't personally noticed this, which may
indicate nothing.

>And what exactly do you mean with 'less-robust'?

for the precise goal that you described, it will work fine. my view on
this comes as an author of a large application which requires complete
control of keyboard event handling at all times. the GTK focus model
is of no particular interest or use, and in fact it gets in the way a
lot. under these circumstances, i have found that using a key snooper
is the best approach for applications with more than 1 window.


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