Re: [gtkmm] problem using stipple in Gdk::GC

> > On Tue, 2002-11-12 at 07:58, Tassos Bassoukos wrote:
> > > You will need a Bitmap, not a Pixmap. I would suggest creating a
> > > Gdk::PixBuf and using the render_threshold_alpha menthod to fill the
> > > Bitmap.
> Tassos, did you discover this only through trial and error, or is this
> documented somewhere? If we are certain of this then I guess someone
> should submit an API bug.
> -- 
> Murray Cumming

Oh no, it's just that I've written code directly on top of Xlib[0]. The
man page for XSetStipple gives the following prototype:
	XSetStipple(display, gc, stipple)
             Display *display;
             GC gc;
             Pixmap stipple;

(Pardon the K&R C, but X is old ...)
IIRC, under some obscure instances you can get away with setting a
pixmap as the stipple, namely when drawing bitmaps[1]. The original
poster sxperienced this error during the drawing operation after all.

[0] IIRC, 96.
[1] In that case, and depending on other paramters of the Graphics
    Context[2], those pixels that are set in the bitmap copy[3] the
    respective pixels from the stipple to the destination drawable
[2] don't ask.
[3] or perform other operations, see [2]

Tassos Bassoukos

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