Re: [gtkmm] Off topic question


* Maya <escalante canada com> [2002-11-13 16:35:57]:
> Using Debian's apt-get, I have just installed g++-3.0. But the default 
> compiler is still 2.95.
> Is there a way to specify which compiler I want to use? and, why was 
> not g++-2.95 replaced when I installed g++-3.0?

When using automake/autoconf, you can do 'make CXX=g++-3.0' or 'make
CC=g++-3.0' depending on how things are set up.

Alternatively you can change the /usr/bin/g++ symlink to point at
/usr/bin/g++-3.0 instead.

If you're running Debian testing or Debian unstable, you should probably
install g++-3.2 instead.

And yeah, your question was very off topic. I don't understand why you
didn't go to a Debian forum|mailing-list to ask this instead.

  - Morten.

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