Re: [gtkmm] Q: How to get button_press_event for Gtk::TreeView

Am Fre, 2002-11-08 um 18.09 schrieb Jarek Dukat:
> If you want to receive button_press events you must enable them first.
> > - Is there a way to disable the default behaviour that
> >   pressing *any* mouse button will change the selection?
> >   E.g. I want to change the selection with button1, 
> >   show a popup menu with button3, etc.
> I'd like to know it too.

If you can't override on_button_press_event() then pass 'false' for the
second argument of signal_button_press_event().connect().  The default
is 'true' which means "connect after".

I hope this is what you meant and it actually helps (I haven't tried).


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