[gtkmm] Re: [sigc] Re: Re: Building libsigc++ under Win32 for use with Intel C++ Compiler 6.0

Cedric Gustin wrote:

Hi Dirk,

Did you, by chance, untarred gtkmm and libsigc++ in / (which is the
mount point for c:\cygwin) ? If the answer is yes (I guess so, see the
C:/cygwin/include/gtkmm-2.0 include path in the output of gcc -v), it's a very bad idea. Either choose /usr/local, /opt or anything else BUT NOT / or /usr. They are reserved for cygwin tools and libraries. Don't mix them with any mingw-built library or executable. This explains the C:\cygwin\lib\libstdc++.a stuff.

I didn't know it was a bad idea. I never really installed anything this way before. My Linux 'installation skills' are limited to apt (great tool!) and rpm.

I followed your advice: cleaned up cygwin then uncompressed gtkmm, libsigc++ and the others into /usr/local and then I tried
g++ test.cpp -o test `pkg-config gtkmm-2.0 --cflags --libs`
again. It worked! Thanks so much for your help!

Now I can play around a bit with MinGW. But I'd still appreciate MSVC/Intel compatible libraries. John Burris reported that he had MSVC project files to succesfully build libsigc++ using Intel under Windows. Perhaps similar files could be provided for the other libs?


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